No More Confessions - Louise Rozett
I received an e-copy via YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for a honest review. 
For some strange reason I didn't read the part about how this is the third book in a series, but once I figured that out things made more sense to why certain topics weren't being explained more. For example, Rose, the narrator, kept referring to the parking lot scene that got Jamie kicked out of school. Every time she mentioned it I was lost, but then I thought oh it's probably being escalated up to. Then for some reason I'm looking at the email I was sent and see that it's the third book. Even with that knowledge, I feel like No More Confessions could be a stand alone with the exception that you miss out on the history of Jamie and Rose's relationship. It is easy to make your own assumptions about their past though. 
I enjoyed watching the relationship between Rose and Jamie. For all of youConfessions veterans, you all probably enjoyed it even more than I did just because you have been with these two from the very beginning. I could easily pick up that Jamie cared and was protective of Rose, especially in the first bedroom scene in the book. Talk about heart melting. I have heard that Rose was more of a bad girl in the previous two books. Let me know if she is, because I would love to read them to see how she is as a bad girl. I want to see that dynamic with Jamie. 
Rozett covers alcoholism and the impacts of the war in Iraq on families of soldiers as well as soldiers themselves. She writes about both topics with great messages. The message for alcoholism is how it's never your fault if a loved one increases their drinking. The individual makes the decision to turn to the bottle and not receive proper help. The lesson about the war is to not stop living your life when you lose someone to a war or in general. If anything live your life even harder. 
I definitely will be reading the first two books in the near future, so some of the holes that I have can be filled. Otherwise, I feel No More Confessions is a great story about taking a step back to focus on yourself, while you figure out your own demons. And yes, even if that means stepping back from the one you love for awhile.