I'm finding that Daughter of Deep Silence is one of those books for me that I am at a lost of words, because I am blown away from how amazing this book is. I literally finished the book with my mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. I did my usual routine of writing down my immediate thoughts upon finishing the book. I have now come back several hours later to see what my thoughts are like (they're the same :D ), but now I want to formulate what I'm feeling perfectly to you guys. So here's for trying!
Our narrator for the whole novel is Francis Mace...I mean, Libby...Francis...Got you confused didn't I? Let's try this again, shall we? Francis is living Libby's life. To all who know her, she is Libby. Libby is outgoing, full of energy, and all eyes are always on her. Francis is the opposite. She is duller, and is second to Libby. Always. Even after the real Libby is dead, Francis is second. I'll refer to the narrator as FL to make things easier. FL for four years learns everything about everyone who was involved with the Persephone cruise ship sinking. For four years she plots out every move she will make to every minute it will take to get the real truth out of the Senator and his son, Grey, who are the other two survivors of the cruise ship. That's one thing that made this book fantastic was how meticulous and calculated FL was in all of her actions, even when she was put on the spot! 
Grey, the Senator's son, and FL had a relationship on the cruise ship before the attack took place. Four years later, and FL's anger and desire for revenge is unbelievably strong. She won't even consider that maybe Grey was forced to lie about what actually took place during the attack of the cruise ship during the interviews after being rescued five days before her and Libby. She lost her family, and he got to keep his. She wants revenge. Shepherd is Libby's, the real Libby, adopted older brother who FL has avoided for four years, but can't since she returns home. He is cold and suspicious of her. Is she the real Libby? Be careful FL, your tightly twined ball of a plan may become unraveled. The relationship between Grey, Shepherd, and FL was a bit weird (worked perfectly for the book), because both guys technically were in love with FL. Grey thought Francis was dead, so he was now in love with Libby, but really he was still falling in love with Francis. Shepherd was still in love with Libby, which is who Francis was pretending to be. So, as you can see I thought there was going to be this uncomfortable love triangle contraption happening, but due to certain events we totally detoured from that first assumption. 
Now let's talk about THAT ENDING. The ending is the main reason why I was left gaping like a fish. I'm so curious/anxious to what happens to everyone. The letter FL writes to Grey. You seriously cannot leave a book anymore open-ended than that. I wish I could explain so much more about it, but it wouldn't be as powerful/shocking/heart-wrenching since a) you haven't read the whole story and b) I would blow the ending. Once you guys read this book (if you decide to) let me know so we can freak out about the ending together!!!!!
Daughter of Deep Silence kept me in suspense from page one to the last word on the last page. I loved being in the head of FL, because I felt I was right there with her planning out our next move to bring revenge...errr I mean justice...oh who am I kidding!...revenge to those who rightly deserved to be punished. The whole story was devious, calculated, and full of twists. Besides revenge, you have a character who is struggling with finding herself after being someone for four years that she isn't. Would you guys switch lives with a dead girl if that meant you would have a father figure, a house, money? As a result, she doesn't know who she can trust. 
If I learned one thing from Daughter of Deep Silence it would be this: Revenge is sweet, but there are times when it's better to turn the other cheek and move on. You only have so much time on this earth, so use your time by doing stuff you love not by concerning yourself by upping the person who did you wrong. 
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